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Dr. Levi Richards

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Dr. Levi Richards is from a  small town and has a big vision.  He has worked with health care providers, political leaders, researchers, and social activists to create a network of resources for our growing community.  He promotes values and standards that encourage understanding, cooperation, and a unity among people.  

“This is our chance to make a positive lasting impact on the world.  Those that follow us will inherit our beliefs, our habits, and the land we live on.  If not for us, let’s make it better for them” 

He has found that chiropractic is the most congruent technique in creating lasting change in the health and wellness of a person.  A firm believer in “practice what you preach” chiropractic has helped him personally in physical performance, mental and emotional stability, as well as spiritual connection.  Professionally he is astounded at the results he has seen with his clients.  He continues his work because of the irrefutable evidence of growth and progress that happens on his table daily. 

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